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Customer Testimonials

The Dorsey Transmission & Automotive Repair Center staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

Being an hour away from home and needing help, they made me feel relaxed not at their mercy. They took the time to show me what was needed and why. After I got home I called my brother and explained what was wrong and how it was repaired. He told me that they were extremely fair and he would be willing to travel to them for repairs. I highly recommend this repair shop for all the ladies out there.
- Sue Bentz
Dundalk, Maryland
I felt good from the moment I walked into the office. Very straight forward folks with no long talks. Just good old fashioned service with a smile. I was told I needed a transmission from a large transmission shop in the area. They repaired my transmission with a sensor on my engine. It was NOT a transmission repair at all and now my engine even runs better. GREAT HONEST SERVICE.
- Michael Harrison
Severna Park, Maryland
Jack and his crew are that of a dying breed. They are actually very honest mechanics!! Jack has not only diagnosed 2 very highly difficult problems to both of my sons cars, but fixed them both. One of the cars Jack fixed more than 3 years ago and the car NEVER had the problem again. He was not even sure if that was the problem so he did not charge us for it. The 2nd car and most recent again Jack would not take any money for his time or labor just because he was not sure of the solution. That was more than 3 weeks ago and my son has not experienced the problem again. I would recommend anyone who is need of not only an honest shop but professional one as well to give Jack or any one of his employees a call!! Thanks for everything Jack!! Phyllis Carullo
- Phyllis Carullo
Columbia Maryland
No one looks forward to dropping a few grand for a transmission. As a former mechanic, I had high expectations for customer service and getting a good value for my money. I was extremely pleased with the service and value. In the present economy, it is not uncommon for repair facilities soaking you for unneeded repairs and parts. Jack, the owner, took my car for a long test drive to diagnose the problem for free and gave me a more than fair estimate on the spot. The big name stores can't compete with this kind of service. Three days later, I picked up my minivan and it drove better than it ever has. They replaced everything as they said they would and put updated parts to improve the reliability and driveability of the vehicle. I would recommend anyone with automatic transmission problems, to check Dorsey Transmission out first before going with one of those big name chain stores.
- Paul Casale
Fort Meade
In an age when customer service is cookie cutter and impersonal, where everything is a chain, a real mechanic shop is a breath of fresh air. I've been to the other places: The Pep Boys, Midas' and Aamcos. Sometimes out of necessity and sometimes out of laziness. You know what they all have in common? They can all care less about YOUR car or truck. They're going to change the oil or fix the transmission on ten more cars just like yours after they finish rushing your car or truck out of the shop. Not Dorsey. A stand alone shop all too rare nowadays on the American landscape. We take all of our vehicles there for everything. I have a rare Ford Lightning. My pride and joy (as far as possessions go). Dorsey not only rebuilt the transmission on it, but tweaked it until it shifted better than ever. I was so satisfied with the work, I had them install a new exhaust system when the stock system needed to be replaced (much to the dismay of anyone lining up next to me at the track). They exercise patience and skill and truly love what they do. Forgotten arts in a drab world of garbage customer service and low expectations. We're lucky to have them here in Maryland and I give nothing less than my highest recommendation.
- Chad
Like to take a moment and also thank Richard for taking the time to speak plainly about my concerns in having a flush done on the transmission of my truck. Straight shooter with no "BS" to sell you what you don't need. Refreshing to get honest help. Keep up the great work. Recommend you guys to everyone...
- Steve Simpson
Being used to Mid-west hospitality and professionalism I was delightfully surprised to finally find the same traits here. Everyone dreads car problems, but it is even more stressful when you are new to an area, have no family to recommend a good mechanic, and have already been badly burned by ‘name brand’ mechanic store/shops in the area. Jack and his staff were professional and warm from the very start. They listened to my explanation of the problem; were clear about the cost to investigate the cause and quick to get back to me. They took the time to explain each issue, the costs involved, they ‘immediacy’ (or not) of getting the repairs done, and clear cost estimates. I never felt rushed nor did I feel like I was at the bad end of a sales pitch. They found the problems, offered solutions and explained outcomes – then let me decide. The work was done quickly and upon picking up my vehicle, I was impressed with the detailed receipt that accounted for each cost; reminded me of the work still to be done; and by the fact that their estimates already included sales tax and disposal fees – so their ‘estimate’ was the price – pure and simple with no last minute dollar additions. This shop knows cars! I enjoyed chatting about various cars (love the ole-Mustangs!), repair issues and the way things have changed in cars over the years. These gentlemen will be my mechanics from here on out and I would recommend them to anyone as the ‘go-to-shop!’
- Tracey Burgess
Severn, MD
They installed a aftermarket valve body on my RAM 3500. Price was very fair and they turned my truck around in just one day which they said they could do. Very pleased with there service and customer relations. I will defiantly return to them for my future transmission needs.
- Wade Shive
Glen Burnie, MD
I first went there with a transmission problem on my Hot Rod (other shops would not look at)and they fixed it. Ever since I have been taken my other 2 cars for all the service and general repairs. Very happy dealing with them.
- Mike Krofchik
Gambrills Md.
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